Visit Insa-dong to Experience the Traditional Culture of Korea

To experience the traditional culture of Korea while remaining in the heart of the city, visit Insa-dong. With art galleries, traditional craft stores, antique art dealers, traditional tea houses and restaurants, it is simply the place in Seoul for visitors wanting to experience traditional aspects of Korea.

The area is especially good for antiques - old painting, ceramics, paper crafts and antique furniture can all be found in abundance. The 70 or so art galleries in the area also make Insa-dong ideal as cultural attraction.In 1999, Queen Elizabeth II visited the area and heaped praise upon the old artworks she saw.

Insa-dong is vehicle-free on weekends (Saturdays from 14:00-22:00, Sundays from 08:00-22.00), and flea markets are setup in the streets with people peddling their antiques, accessories and artwork. Travelers from abroad also gather here with goods from all over the world, so the flea market items are not just limited to Korean goods.